A Morning to Open My Eyes!

Today’s Journey Tarot Card of the Day 7-30-14

Awareness. Be conscious of your surroundings. The card says.

Definitely would describe how my morning has been going. I have had others remind my of their consciousness of their surroundings and I was forced to be very aware in an instant.

First Neesha (dog) did not want to get out of the car to go for a walk. So I was on alert! Aware of her awareness.

Instantly saw two Jack Rabbits, at which time I decided to put Bamboo on the leash. SO now I am aware that we are sharing the space this morning.

As we turned the corner to walk along the bobbed wire fenced, I see in front of us, on a rise just down the way, a creature crossing the road. I first thought coyote, but it was too big. Dark gray in color as it ran in the shadow, moving like a dog and not caring we were there. But what was it? I didn’t see it long enough to really identify marking or facial features and in the grayness of the morning I was baffled! It had a large shape around its head area. Like a lions mane. It has such an unusual silhouette!

It was gone. I scanned the area as we got to where it crossed but it was gone. Down into the small canyon or one of its washes, out of sight.

I am now in awareness mode. What will show up next?

This is going to be a very unusual day.


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